Wild Animals in Shimla

By | February 12, 2012


Wild Animals in Shimla are always an added beauty to the city. Shimla Wildlife Sanctuary and Himalayan National Park at Kufri have many distinct animals like Leopards, Barking Deer, Black Bear, Tibetan Wolf, Musk Deer, Monal Bird etc.

But now some of these animals are again hunting down the human lives. This is all because of excessive Snowfall in Shimla this 2012 year. This snowfall has not only affected the humans but also the animals. These animals are deprived of food and water at their natural habitat on heights and thus they are coming down to search for food, which resulted in their encroachment in human areas and ultimately killing some innocent people for food. Encounter with Tiger - Delhi to Shimla

This years’ snowfall has lessen the distance between wild animals and humans. On the night of 10th February 2012, a leopard hunts down a 9 year young boy in district Shimla, Nankhari – Majholi village. There is one more incident came into news where a cub of leopard breakdowns into a village house in district Kullu, Patlikuhal village. Later this cub was caught by forest officers but the villagers are more than terrified.

That 9 year old boy was roaming in the village outside his house in Nankhari area. At this time of night that leopard attacked on him and takes him to the forest. Villagers and the boy’s family members ask the help from forest guards but of no use as these guards were only able to find the dead mutilated body of the child from the forest. This incident was really shocking to the parents and villagers.

What an irony! On one side this snowfall is very necessary for plantation and on the other hand it is taking human lives. This was not the first time that Wild Animals in Shimla district has killed people but in September 2011 also two siblings of 16 and 12 years were hunted by a bear in Dalash, Gadgalchua village. Later next month in October 2011 a leopard once again comes down to men’s habitat and takes away a small two and a half year old baby girl from Nankhari area. Again, later only body was recovered!

These wild animals comes down in search of food in form of small animals like sheep or goat which these villagers use to rear and ends up in killing human lives as well. Because of this added activities of animals, forest officials have warned villagers not to come out of houses in late hours of night to avoid more such incidents of Wild Animals in Shimla.


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