Trains to Shimla – Amazing Journey for Amazing Place

By | September 9, 2012


Shimla, situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India, is one of the most beautiful tourist spots of the country and one of the most excited tours is on trains to Shimla. And wherever in the world one stays, long train journey is an amazingly unique experience. The fun increases when one is going to visit a place like Shimla for the first time. The suspense of what he can watch there and the amazement of the train journey is a perfect combination before experiencing the views of Shimla. It is like the warming up of eyes and mind before actually feeling the beauty of nature.

Though Shimla has her own airport connected with Delhi air route, the fun of travelling in trains is something else. It is timelier, more enjoyable with the seem-to-mobbing sceneries and cheaper. The trains guarantee safety and comfort too. Shimla can be categorized under hill stations. Tourists, both as Indians and as foreigners, are often found visiting Shimla and that too, by train more than by flight. It is because of the term hill station that goes with Shimla successfully with the riches for both eye and mind.

The Major Trains from Delhi to Shimla

One of the most popular Trains to Shimla is Kalka to Shimla Special Toy Train. The train route is through mountains and is popular for incredible views of the mountains and the villages aside. On the other hand, one cannot travel directly from Delhi to Shimla by Train. There is a broad gauge rail track that connects Kalka in Haryana and Delhi. The track becomes narrower when it connects Kalka to Shimla. This is the most common route to Shimla by train from Delhi having only one change in Kalka. From Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh, it takes just a few hours more than a day to Shimla. Almost the same time is needed for one to get to Shimla from Kolkata of West Bengal.

Trains to Shimla from Hyderabad and Kolkata do not provide very long journey. From Hyderabad, it takes about 29 hours and 20 minutes to cover the distance of 2027 kilometers. And from Kolkata, the journey consists of 27 hours and 40 minutes for a distance of about 1849 kilometers. From Delhi, it takes about 9 hours on road to cross about 370 km. And from Kalka, it is about 96 km and a matter of just a few hours for the trains with a lot of minor train halts in the way.

Kalka to Shimla Train

Trains to Shimla from Kalka, Hyderabad and Kolkata deserve a special mention for providing comfort and being cheap. The speed is normal and there are slower trains too for old and sick people. The space inside is quite sophisticated, the floor and the bathroom are cleaned regularly and the seats are absolutely perfect for hours of journey. There is also adequate space for keeping luggage and the overall journey can be described as safe and sound. Lastly, the railway provides the service at quite affordable rates for the gaining popularity of the route among tourists.


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