Snowfall in Shimla 2013

By | January 18, 2013


Shimla is considered as the most gorgeous place in India and it looks even stunning during Snowfall in Shimla. It looks tremendously out of the ordinary and eye-catching when it got covered with a long silver white cover of the snow. You will get to see only snow and a bit of greenery up to the extant your eyes can see.

Queen of Hills Shimla get its first snowfall of New Year 2013! A large number of travellers or tourist visits this exotic chilly place not only from all over the India but from all over the world. People come to see the natural scenery of the Shimla along with them come to enjoy various sorts of attractions like adventure or winter sports, local festivals and many more. Just have a look on the most exciting things which you can do during Snowfall in Shimla. Let’s began the excitement.

Enjoy the snowfall

Snowfall in Shimla 2013

The snow fall in Shimla itself a great thing of attraction at that time you don’t require any to do anything else except watching the falling of snow. If you are going to Shimla along with your partner or love than it is the most romantic experience for you. What you have to do just hold hands or you can tightly hold you love and see snowfall and feel the warmth of your love. It is the best way to feel the compassion and closeness between you and your love. On the other hand it is the best way to warm up your love which got lost under the burden of responsibilities.

Play in snow

Snow fall at Shimla

You can enjoy throwing snowballs on your friends and loved ones. Playing with snow making snowman, throwing snowballs and floating on the snow are considered as most common as well as thoroughly enjoyed things during the Snowfall in Shimla. People especially children and youngster love playing with snow.


Skiing is considered as the most preferred as well as interesting attraction of the Shimla. Mostly people come to experience the thrill as well as the excitement of this adventure sport. People wait for snowfall so that they can enjoy skiing. It is the sport which is played after the snow falls in Shimla. The best time to go for asking is just after the snow rain.

Enjoy bonfire dance

Shimla Snowfall

You can also enjoy bonfire dance by the local habitant of the Shimla. It will help you in discovering the colours of local culture and the traditions of the local peoples of Shimla. You can also ask people to share some local or folk songs and stories which are carried out generation by generation here.

Enjoy Local Festivals

Winter is considered as a season of festivals. If you are on a trip to Shimla in the same time you can enjoy and cherish the feelings as well as the warmth of the peoples love at the winter festivals. Many festivals take place after Snowfall in Shimla on the same side elaborated by the peoples as one of the exciting attractions to discover for the tourist.


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