Snowfall in Dalhousie 2013

By | January 20, 2013


If you see it as a black and white Polaroid picture, you can easily confuse the town of Dalhousie as a British settlement town around a hundred years ago, with the same bewitching view and Snowfall in Dalhousie covers the town with a frozen but festive sheet of snow and enthusiasm. Dalhousie is one of the famous tourist destinations in India.

Located in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh in India, Dalhousie is a tourist hill resort which was used as a holiday settlement meant for British officials many years ago. This town gives a unique opportunity to witness the nature as a great art work adorned with different types of forests, hills, valley and gorgeous landscape around the area. Snow fall in Dalhousie is a chance for the people around the world to enjoy the freezing climate and warm setting of the town, all at once.

Famous hills around:

Snowfall in Dalhousie

The most famous hill around this place is Bakrota hills which are the main attraction for the adventure seekers among the travelers around the year. One can enjoy trekking and walks around this area in order to breathe in the fresh air and the beauty of the place. There are other hills and mountain peaks around the area like, Kalatop, Dayankund, and others, where one can walk along different rivers and streams, even during the Snowfall in Dalhousie.

Christmas holidays in Dalhousie:

Dalhousie gets a fair amount of snowfall in winter season which makes it resemble a European hill resort. Being a British settlement, there are a number of enamoring churches around the town which look heartwarming and gorgeous during the holiday season and snow fall in Dalhousie.  Many people visit this town in order to spend their Christmas holidays and the New Year festivities in old fashioned and rustic style.

There are many beautiful resorts and rustic hotels around the place for the travelers. You can reach this quiet and warm little town through air, rail, and road. The town is the hub of visitors and families during the winter season, when the snow and celebrations are at peak. You can walk through the roads lined with clear snow enjoying the backdrop of beautiful forest and white heels.

Snowfall in Dalhousie attracts a large number of visitors in this town due to its charming and enchanting landscape. The locals put up small shops and bazaars for the people visiting the place to buy souvenirs and handicraft goods as a pretty reminder and the memory of this snow covered town.

Tour package:

If you are tired of warm weather and looking to experience something different, you can head towards to Himachal Pradesh to experience Dalhousie Snowfall. A family tour package can easily be purchased through the internet. Make sure to purchase a package from any reputed online travel agency to avoid any hassle. Don’t forget to pack your bag with warm clothes as you will need them during your stay. Keep yourself safe to enjoy the beautiful weather of Dalhousie.


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