Skiing In Kufri

By | February 5, 2012


Skiing in Kufri is well known winter sport from the time of Britishers in India. But now it is loosing its charm these days. Skiing at Kufri hills is done at a height of 2500 metres. Kufri is only 19 km from capital hill station Shimla and is mainly famous for adventure sports like skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, trekking and hiking.

Skiing in Kufri was introduced by Britishers in 1930. You can even learn skiing and hiking there. In Kufri Club equipments can be hired for these adventure sports. Kufri Club runs by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department also gives training for skiing to beginners. Visit to Shimla and Kufri can not be completed without enjoying skiing on the slopes and peaks of Kufri and Mahasu. Skiing In Kufri

But these days Kufri is lacking tourists for skiing; being the reason is less facilities and early melting of ice. Usually skiing season is from December to February, but late Snowfall in Shimla and early melting has shifted the sports to 1 month later. That’s the reason skiing is now being scheduled at 1.5 km snow hill stretch on Lambidhar Hills from Mahasu Peak.

According to D R Kashyap, The Joint secretary for Winter Games Association of Himachal Pradesh, there is very less tourism left for winter games in Kufri because government does not even organizes events here and more over lack of modern equipment for skiing.

Earlier winter sports events were played in prime hills of Kufri but now early melting of snow and over crowding of the place has make it next to impossible to ski here. But as I told earlier the hill stretch of Lambidhar being in north is still good to hold the ice for longer duration and hence ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, hiking and other winter sports are being organized and played here. Even Narkanda hill is a much suitable place for such winter sports.

Skiing at KufriNarkanda, small hill station village at a distance of 60 km from Shimla, is at a height of 2700 metres and is still good for adventure sports played in winter. There are some mountaineering and trekking training institutes that provides training to beginners and intermediates.

According to S R Harnot, The Deputy manager for publicity and information of (HPTDC) Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation; Ice Skating, Snowboarding, Hiking and Skiing in Kufri and other winter sports now can be done at Narkanda with the help of different mountaineering and trekking training centres.

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