Shimla – Life Disturbed

By | January 10, 2012


Till 15th January high alert has been announced in Shimla. This is because of continuous heavy snowfall.


Water supply has been disturbed because of heavy snowfall in Shimla. Water pipes has been frozen as a result drinking water supply is in short. Municipality is trying to provide water but water pipelines are freeze.


People are facing electric supply failure in most suburbs. This is creating lot of problems among people. This electricity load shedding has been continuously running in area. Common man’s life is disturbed.


Chota Shimla, New Shimla, Malyana, Ridka, BCS, Tuti Kandi, panthaghati are facing major electricity problems. The problem may worsen if same climate conditions are there. In peak hours electric supply is most affected.


Bus service in capital is also affected as roads are covered with snow. Bus service on more than 100 is affected. More than 55 buses are stuck in Upper Shimla. Kufri, Nerwa ( Chaupal), Theog, Narkanda are most affected as bus service is completely distracted.


Because of Heavy snowfall Ice is collected near Hotel Holiday Home, Annadel & St. Bede’s College . As a result there is people are facing problems in moving.


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