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By | July 17, 2012


India is one of the most popular countries for tourism purpose. There are many places in this country which attract thousands of tourists from all around the world every year. Shimla is one of the cities of India which is also a famous visiting point and it is popular because of its natural and attractive surrounding. It is a hill station which is surrounded by mountains and forests. This place has everything which makes this place a perfect choice for a tip or honeymoon. Another good thing about this place is that it is very affordable as well. No matter how much money you want to spend on your vacation trip, this place will surely return you that in best value. Hotels are also one of the most important factor and major expense which influence the total cost of your trip so it is very necessary to find the best suitable hotel because it can save some living cost. You can find wide range of hotels in Shimla which offer different packages and services. Here are some details about Shimla Hotels which can help you in selecting best hotel for your trip.

If you are looking for some luxurious hotel then there are three main five star and three four star hotels in Shimla. These Shimla Hotels can cost you a lot of money bit you will find excellent accommodation facilities here. Hotel Asia, Hotel Quality Inn Himdev and Hotel Pine View are some of top luxurious hotels.

Although five star and four star hotels deliver you best service and accommodation facilities however if you are more likely to save a bit of cost then you can also choose any of three star hotel. Three hotels are also good enough to provide you high quality services. The three star Shimla hotels include Hotel Ashiana regency, East Bourne Resort and Baljees Regency.

Apart from these expensive hotels if you want to stay in some budget hotels then you can also find a wide verity of such hotels which provide excellent accommodation services at very reasonable cost. Some of the famous economic hotels in Shimla are Shingar, Silverine, Hotel Dreamland, Hotel White Shimla, Brightland Hotel, Hotel Rajdoot, Hotel Surya, Galleu Resort and Woodville palace.

These are few things about different Shimla hotels and their standards which can help you in finding a suitable hotel for your taste and budget. No matter what budget you have, you can book a room at any budget easily.


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