Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

By | November 15, 2013


Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary could be a little sanctuary for the Mammals. It is an awfully little sanctuary, concerning 38 Square Kilometers. There are some embankments through the parks and rough roads are designed on these. Pobitora is enclosed by farmland and villages. It owns its origins part to its earth science. It’s miry and was traditionally unsuitable for farming.

Where it is located

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary could be a life reserve within the Marigaon district of the state of province in Republic of India. It’s set concerning thirty kilometer east of Guwahati. The Pobitora life Sanctuary is concerning 48 kilometer by road from Guwahati. It’s a 1 hour drive through a road passing by watercourse Brahmaputra, and a little portion of the village of Mayong.

How to reach the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Pobitora is 48km Guwahati via slim, pot-holed road. If one is coming back from Kaziranga to Guwahati on Granite State thirty seven, take the road to Mayang at Jagiroad. Pobitora is concerning four hours from Kaziranga.

Best Time to Visit the sanctuary

The best time to visit this place is between the months of November to February. Hence winter is the appropriate time to take the real experience of the trip. It is open all days of week from 9 am to 5 pm.

Place to stay at this place

The resorts in the park are owned by province commercial enterprise, however passes a non-public company and therefore the service and facilities are excellent. The workers are useful and therefore the service and food is great if visiting on daily trip.

Which Animals to watch for in the sanctuary

The density of rhinos is high in this park. There are more than 80 rhinos in this little sanctuary. Therefore rhinos are simply seen. Guests can typically see 5 to 10 rhinos once going for car or elephant ride. It’s potential to urge terribly near the rhinos once on elephant ride. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary has contended an awfully vital role within the conservation of Rhinos. Pobitora additionally has alternative animals like savage semi-wild buffalo, and boars. Pobitora could be a miry fen. This is often an ideal environment for the rhinos, wild buffalo and the boars. Pobitora is additionally noted for its made birdlife. It is referred to as because the Bharatpur of the East. In winter, Pobitora is host to an oversized variety of birds of varied species. The birdlife at Pobitora is incredibly made with many distinctive resident birds. Their variety is increased by migrants in winter. A census exhausted Jan 2012 showed that there have been twenty six species of birds at Pobitora. There have been 7000 resident birds together with about a hundred cranes, and some 5000 migratory birds. Alternative reports and websites recommend its 375 species of birds. Contact Nipen Nath Mobile at +91-9854612196 for Elephant rides are at 6.30am, 7.30am and 2.30pm.

The elephant is that the best thanks to travel within Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary. Jeeps are on the market however they can’t get one shut to the rhinos and alternative life. No advance pre-booking is needed to be done. There’s a tiny low place to fancy a picnic and a children’s playground near the Haduk Hanging Bridge. Native guests can mix picnic with elephant rides and luxuriate in the beautiful place.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary SafariPobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

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