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If you are looking for a peaceful and natural place to spend your vacations or honeymoon then nothing can be better for you than Naukuchiatal. This visiting place is located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

This place is full of natural beauty and romantic views and sceneries.  It is actually a lake village situated between the hills of district Nainital. This lake is popular all around the world because of its breath taking views, peaceful atmosphere and healthy weather. The whole area is surrounded by mountains and trees. There is another interesting thing about this place which is its name. This place is known as Naukuchiatal which means “Nine Cornered Lake”.

Several tourists from all around the world have stated this place as one of the best lake views. There is a famous perception about this place is that “ A person who sees all nine corners of this lake at once, he gets Nirvana which means soulful state of bliss and eternity. There is another perception about this place is that this lake is created by naturally fed spring which is beneath the hills of this valley. This lake owns all qualities which a person can expect in his ideal vising place. Apart from natural beauty and glamorous views this place also offers a wide range of wild life. Hundreds of wild species are living here in their natural life style which gives a big opportunity for tourists to see the Indian wild life in its true color.

The lake is also most favorite point for adventurers which is providing them a big opportunity for adventure, thrilling, and for other scout sports. This lake offers a whole list of activities for adventurers sports to enjoy like parasailing, river rafting, trekking and paragliding.

Nearest visiting points

Kamal Tal is another lake just adjacent to Naukuchiatal, but it’s not for boating. As the name suggests, it is lake full of lotus flowers (Lotus means Kamal in Hindi and Tal means Lake). You can only enjoy the flowers of Kamal Tal. Another famous tourist spots near to this place is Bhimtal. Bhimtal Lake is just 4 kilo meter away from Naukuchiatal village. At Bhimtal, you can find a lot of thing to enjoy for adventure seekers. Bhimtal Lake has a unique restaurant in the middle and it offers a big opportunity for boating, rafting and other adventurous activities. Sattal is just another lake site which is situated near to Naukuchiatal. This lake is also popular because of its beautiful sceneries. This place is a bit small however you can find here a wide range of luxurious hotels to stay and relax.


There are many options for travelling available in this small village like bus, taxi, boat and horse riding. However Horse riding and boating is more popular transport mean in this region.


As I have discussed before that this is a small village so usually people like to walk while going anywhere within the town. Usually tourists also like to visit this region by travelling on foot.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is a very popular transport mean in this area. Usually horse riding is not used as a transport mean. It is just used for fun and adventure. Boating is another adventure opportunity which this region offers to visitors. You can easily enjoy horse riding or boating within 150 Rs to 200 Rs.


You can also avail bus as a transport mean to travel to the other nearby regions of this area. These buses travel through the length of the village before moving to the other village which takes too much time while going to any nearby town on bus. Buses are also very few and in bad conditions.


Taxis are another popular travelling mean of this region which is also more comfortable as compare to buses. The fares of taxis range from 13 rupees per km to 15 rupees per km. Taxi might be the best travelling option for you if you are visiting Naukuchiatal for the first time.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit this beautiful lake Naukuchiatal is from March to June and September to November. Here the winter season is much severe and usually tourist activities remain low in winter season.

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