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Narkanda Himachal is a hill resort beyond your imagination. In Narkanda you just don’t stay happy but also get delighted in the lap of nature. There are many recreational activities to do in Narkanda hill resort. You can play adventure sports like Skiing, river rafting, trekking, mountain biking, river crossing, horse riding and many snow games. Skiing in Narkanda can be done in winters after snowfall. Holidays in Narkanda or Hatu Peak are a blessing in disguise which one can enjoy in comfort of Himalayas. You can even learn skiing there by professional trainers. You can also get rented specialized skiing equipment for free style skiing over snow slopes. So you just don’t have to throw snowballs but you can eventually be a part of snow sports. Narkanda Himachal

Whereas Hatu Peak is the highest peak in Narkanda but there are also many skiing slopes there where many cross country snow skiing events are organized. Tethys Resort in Narkanda provides excellent packages for skiing both for trained and amateur persons. Besides from facilities and equipment for skiing, they also provide trained professionals to suit your budget. Best time to visit Narkanda for skiing is from December to March.

Essential things you should carry along besides a pair of skis are skiing bindings and poles. Other accessories to be taken care of are thermal wears, ski parka, pants, mittens, helmet and gloves along with Woollen socks, jersey and scarf. Also don’t forget to carry Goggles, Gaiters and Suns cream. You should also drink good amount of water at high slopes and never ever try to eat snow. Another part of adventure sport in Narkanda is Paragliding which is available at Khara Pathar Shimla. Paragliding usually involves a trekking up to a higher place, so that you can get right attitude to fly.

Another feather in the cap of Narkanda is River Rafting. It is done in Sutlej River which flows below Narkanda. This Sutlej River comes from Tibet and there are rice farms on the both side of river. It’s a beautiful half hour drive from Narkanda where you start your river rafting experience. White Water River Rafting in Himachal Pradesh can only be done in Sutlej, Beas and Chandra Bhaga Rivers. Tethys Narkanda Resort also provides training, equipment like raft, helmet, life safety jackets, and rescue facilities for River Rafting at Narkanda.

Narkanda Weather can always as cold as Shimla. So, always bring heavy woollens along with you.

Narkanda Apple OrchardsIn winter temperature drops down below freezing point. In winters you can taste some fresh apples and peaches from Apple Orchards here. A simple walk in the lap of nature along with Oak, Silver Fur, Deodar and Pine trees can get you rejuvenated. Also you can visit any house of local villager to get an insight idea of their lives. Many types of herbs and flowers are also found here. In our later post we’ll let you know about other things to do at Narkanda.


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