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Mcleodganj is actually suburb of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. It is located on Dhauladhar Range of Himalayas. This place is also known as upper Dharamshala and it was named as Mcleodganj after David Mcleod who was the governor of Punjab in the ruling era of British government. This place is better known as a learning origin for Tibetan culture. This place is also called Little Lhasa and Tibet communities are settled here for more than three decades. Dalai Lama was the one who brought Tibet communities here after escaping from Tibet. The Prime minister of India; Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru gave this place to Dalai Lama to settle here in 1959. Now thousands of Tibetans are living here permanently and this place now reflects a Tibetan culture rather than Indian.

Mcleodganj is also a famous hill resort for tourism purpose and thousands of tourists come to visit this place every year. Mcleodganj is full of pine forests, peaceful atmosphere and rich with ultimate natural beauty which makes this place ideal to spend vacations. So if you are looking for a perfect place to spend your vacations in utter peace or to go for a trip of hill destination then Mcleod Ganj is for you. Here, I will discuss few things about this place in tourism prospective.

Culture of Mcleod Ganj: The culture of Mcleodganj is more like a mixture of Tibetan and Indian culture which is the big reason behind the fame of this region. There are many ancient temples and monuments which ought to be visited. These temples reflect the culture of Buddhism. This place is a learning center of Buddhism and thousands of followers of this religion are settled here with their own religious lifestyles.

Besides Tibetan lifestyle and temples you can also enjoy visiting museums in Mcleodganj. You can find several attractive things to view in these museums which reflect Tibetan and British colonial culture. These museums are full of paintings, historical items and handicrafts of local people.

Shopping Place: The main shopping markets in Mcleodganj for tourists are Jogibara, Temple Road, and Bhagsu Road. You can find several traditional and historical items from these markets which reflect the cultural heritage of this region. These shops usually open at 9 pm and remain open till night. Tibetan carpets are one of the famous items of these markets. These carpets are hand woven by newly arrived Tibetan refugees.

Hotels and Hill Resorts: Another good thing about Mcleodganj is that you can live here without spending a hell of money. You can find a hotel room for 4 thousand rupees to 6 thousand rupees easily. However in peak seasons it becomes difficult to find a room. You can also book rooms in hill resorts which is a cheaper option as compare to hotels. In resorts you can find a room in just 2000 to 4000 INR. These resorts also offer heater and internet facilities to visitors.

Food: Mcleodganj is also full of numerous restaurants which offer all local and international foods like chines, continental and pure Indian food. Vegetarian can eat at Lung Ta restaurant which is a famous Japanese hotel. “Pema Thag Pizzeria” is another good option for delicious Pizzas which is located at Bhagsu Road. You can also find few Tibetan restaurants at Jogibara Road. This road is full of chines, Indian and Tibetan restaurants.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Mcleodganj is depend on your mood because this is equally popular in all seasons. In hot summer you can enjoy a pleasant weather and healthy air however in winter this place offers you to enjoy snow falling and beautiful mountains covered by white snow. In summer time the temperature of this region remains between 22 degree Celsius and 35degree Celsius but in winter season temperature goes near to zero degree or lower. Snowfall here is also very usual in December and January. Look our below at Mcleodganj Photo Gallery!


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