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By | January 21, 2012


Mall Road is the main shopping and recreation area for tourists among other Places in Shimla. The Mall Road has Gaiety Theatre, Tudor Library & many restaurants, clubs, banks, bars, Post Offices and tourist offices. Coffee Houses such as Coffee Day & Barista also have their establishment here. The second oldest church of Northern India St. Michael’s Christ Church is also there. The place is very spiritual & has a very majestic appearance. The two very famous points on Mall road are The Ridge & Scandal Point.

Scandal Point

Scandal Point is the highest point of Mall road & it also

Scandal Point Shimla

Scandal Point Shimla

has its own story. According to a popular tale King of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh had crush on British Viceroy’s daughter. One day when she was taking a leisure walk King of Patiala eloped with her from there.So this point was named as Scandal Point.

The Ridge

The Ridge is a huge open space located in the center of Shimla. The Ridge also has a big Water reservoir which supplies water to most of Shimla. Major Government Functions, Summer Festivals & Local Celebrations like Christmas & New Year celebrations are held on Ridge only. The statue of few famous personalities like Mahatma Gandhi & Indira Gandhi are also there on Ridge.

Shimla Mall Road is closed for Traffic so there is no pollution and it’s a very pleasant place for walkers. Most of the time one can see tourists walking on this road. Mall Road stretch from East to West. Now Lets take a virtual walk on this Road.

In morning we started empty stomach from Eastern end which is Wooden Craft market near Hotel Clark Oberoi so that we can enjoy varieties of foods available on the way. There are a lot of benches all through the way so that if any one feels tired & want to take a breath & enjoy the beauty of nature. Even if you want to take a nap you can take rest here. One can start with a cup of coffee too from here.

The Ridge Shimla

The Ridge

One more famous attraction is “The Lift” from Mall Road to Craft Road. Craft Road is 100 feet below Mall Road & one can visit here by lift just for some adventure. The lift is near Combermere Hotel on Mall Road.

After walking for few minutes one reach The Ridge. One can see Gaiety Theatre, St. Michael’s Christ here. Most of the times one can enjoy cultural dance & drama performance by local artists here. Just ahead The Ridge the highest point of Mall Road, Scandal Point comes. Couples love this place to hangout. There is nothing much on this place but one can watch the surroundings here & take rest on a bench.

After this the walk is easy as downward slope starts from here. After going down one can enjoy Lunch here. India Coffee House famous among tourists here. As you walk after this buildings are less & hence you reach Western End of the Road. So the walk ends here.

When one reaches Shimla the guides & Drivers insist for Sightseeing & say there is nothing to see in Shimla, but after visiting Mall Road, The Ridge one’s perception is changed. Shimla is no doubt a beautiful heritage Hill Station.


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