Jakhu Temple

By | January 17, 2012


Jakhu Mandir, The famous Hanuman Temple of Shimla is located on Jakhu Hill. This Temple is at a distance of 2 Kilometers from the Ridge. This famous temple is dedicated to Hanuman (a Hindu deity) , who is an ardent devotee of Rama. The Jakhu temple is located on a height of  2455 meters. The temple is surrounded by breathtaking splendid views.

The famous Jakhu Hanuman Temple has an interested legend from Sri Ramcharitmanas, A famous hindu epic behind it. According to this legend the brother of Lord Rama was injured by a deadly arrow during the battle with demon king Ravana. Laxman was wounded in fight with Meghnad. Jakhu Temple Shimla

After diagnose it was suggested that he need a a particular Sanjeevani herb (Buti)  from the Himalayas. Hanuman went to mountains to get that mythical Sanjeevani Buti to cure Laxman.

Hanuman Could not distinguish as to which was the Sanjeevani Buti. So the God of Jakhu Temple Hanuman brought the whole mountain to the place where Laxman was lying wounded. When Laxman was cured by that herb Hanuman placed the mountain on its original place. When returning from the Himalayans Hanuman rested on top of a hill which was flattened because of his weight. The Jakhu temple has been built around the place where hanuman footmarks were found.  That hill is named Jakhu Hill & temple is Jakhu Temple.

This is a very religious place & people who visit Shimla make a visit to this place too. A large number of devotees of SHimla visit this temple to pray. The sanctuary is an access point for the monkeys who come in large numbers and accept food generously given to them by devotees and tourists.

When one starts to to climb Jakhu till the signs advise visitors to secure all personal belongings and beware of the monkeys, as there are huge number of monkeys at that place. This because the the temple is in honour of the Monkey Lord. Visitors must remove shoes before entering the temple. Local visitors ring the bell for good luck before coming back into Shimla. Jakhu Temple Shimla

There is a 108-foot-high statue of Hanuman at this temple. This statue is built by JHS Svendgaard Laboratories, India’s largest oral care products manufacturers, and the HC Nanda Trust. This concrete Hanuman idol has been built at a cost of Rs. 1.5 crore. To make statue visible from all corners of the town the foliage around the idol has been either cut or pruned by the local administration. This Bajrang Bali idol is illuminated at night with floodlights. The installation of this idol has created a new World record of tallest statue ever erected at such a high altitude. This idol has been constructed with in a short span of only 2 years.

These are the various photos at Jakhu Temple. It will surely make you curious to visit here.

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