Fresh Snowfall in Manali 2013

By | January 18, 2013


Manali, the hill station of Himachal Pradesh is one of the best places to quench visitor’s thirst with its enchanting beauty. Every year thousands of tourists visit Manali to relax and enjoy its weather, natural beauty and Snowfall in Manali. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but when the place itself is beyond description, even words fall short.

The fantastic view of nature, hills, and colorful hues of this place captures a visitor’s eye and fill their heart with its fascinating outlook. This place has a tremendous attraction for all its visitors throughout the year. But winter, has its own charm of nature for the innumerable travelers due to snowfall in Manali. The frozen beauty welcomes its visitors with all its astonishing, mind-blowing charm and beauty. The snow peaked of the mountains look exquisite, the flowing river and streams resemble the ones in the Garden of Eden and the landscape of rocks, greenery and tiny settlements are splendid and adventurous.

Excellent tourist spot:

Snowfall in Manali

Manali is one of the best tourist spots for the people who love sports, especially trekkers. The Snowfall in Manali multiplies the charm of this place with lots of thrill and enjoyment. Tourists visit this place when the snow fall appears to enhance their chance of experiencing the awesome scenery. This place has its own natural charisma that helps the travelers in fulfilling their respective purposes of spirituality and thrill seekers.

Manali: The Natural beauty

Manali Snowfall

Manali offers plenty of white water rafting opportunities, trekking, skiing to the tourists in winter. This place is surrounded by mountains and as well as jungles. Visitors can explore this place fully with all their enthusiasm and choices. Especially in winter, ice skiing become more famous. Solang, a famous place in Manali has an ice skating institute which offers various ice related sports courses in winter.

Tourist environment of Manali:

It is the abode of newlywed couples and families as well who throng from nearby states to enjoy their weekend getaway. The local garments made of authentic material, design and colors are available for sale as well as rentals in this tourist spot. The whole atmosphere becomes magnificent with snow fall in Manali. There are also many sites which can interest tourists who love high altitude hiking, like Rohtang Pass, the snowy mountains, the trees covered by white snow, the rivers altogether make an exclusive site in this place.

Range of affordable tourist Packages:

Snowfall in Manali 2013

The travel lovers, the adventure seekers, and the snow fall lovers rush to this place every year, to have a glance of the cosmos of this place and to have their own little piece of Snowfall in Manali with their families. There are lots of tourist packages that offer the vacation in Manali in winter including all expenses. The internet could be searched for such packages. This place invites all kinds of visitors to enjoy and see the god’s creation with their own eyes and feel the enigma themselves. This place becomes more romantic and loving during the snow fall season.


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