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If you are looking for a place to spend your vacations then Dharamshala can be a considerable option for you. It is a hill station nested in the lap of Himalayas and full of pine forests, healthy air, and attractive surroundings and near to snow line. These all things make this place a perfect choice for visitors and tourists. Dharamshala can be divided into two parts, the lower and upper Dharamshala. Lower one is located at the height of 1380 meter and it is a main commercial point of surrounding regions. However the upper Dharamshala is located at the height of 1830 meter and recalls a British colonial lifestyle. The church of St. John is also situated in this region which attracts most of the tourists from all around the world. There is also a large gathering of Tibetan who is living in this region enduringly.

Approach to Dharamshala is also very easy. You can approach this heaven by air from Delhi. The nearest airport to Dharamshala is Gaggal Airport which is just 13 km from the city. The nearest railway station to this point is at Pathankot which is 85 KM from town. You can also access this place by road. The drive from Pathankot to Dharamshala takes almost 2 ½ hours. Same time is taken for traveling from Pathankot to Dalhousie.

Dharamshala offers a wide verity of places to visit. Following are few places which are popular for tourism in this region.

War Memorial: The visiting point which comes at the very start of town is War Memorial. It is a monument which has been built in the honor of post-independence war heroes of Himachal Pradesh. Jangra Art museum is also located near to this memorial.

Kotwali Bazaar: Another place which ought to be visited in this region is Kotwali Bazaar. This is a market full of valley’s arts, handicrafts, and past displays which date back to fifth century. Gallery of Kangra Valley is also located here where you can find famous miniature paintings, traditional pottery and other anthropological items. Royal dresses, old carved doors, jails and pandals are also on display. This place is great for those who are interested in history.

Dal Lake: Dal Lake is another place which you can visit during your trip to Dharamshala. This is famous because of its natural beauty. Lake is surrounded by pine and deodar forests, and looks like a mountain bowl.

St. John’s Church: ST. John church is another picnic point near to Dharamshala. It is 8 km from main Dharamshala region and located between ForsythGanj and McLeodGanj. This is a memorial of British viceroy Lord Elgin who died in 1863 at Dharamshala.

McLeodGanj: McLeodganj is also called little Lhasa and located at 1770 meters. This place is also residence of Dalai Lama. The Tibetan community is living in this region for more than 3 decades. Traditional architectural designs drawn by Tibet have enhanced the attraction of this area. You can also purchase handicrafts, curios and garments here.

Bhagsunath: Bhagunath is another picnic spot near to Dharamshala which you can visit during your tour to this region. It is 11 Km from main Dharamshala region. It is an ancient temple near to fresh water springs.

Kunal Pathri: It is a rock temple near to Kotwali Bazaar and just 3 Km away from Dharamshala. This is an ancient temple made by rock and a famous place for visitors.

Triund Peak: It is located at the root of Dhauladhar ranger and 17 km from main city. It is a point is famous because of the spectacular views of mountains and valleys. The snow line is just 5 km from this point and is also known as Jewel of Dharamshala.

Dharamshala Cricket Ground: there is a newly built cricket ground which is now hosting cricket matches of International level.

These are few places which this hill resort offers to its visitors. The places listed above are just famous picnic points however Dharamshala offers you more than these. Check out below Dharamshala Photo Gallery!

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