Delhi to Shimla by Flights

By | December 31, 2011


This is an update to our previous page Delhi to Shimla by Air wherein we have told our visitors about Delhi to Shimla by Flights. Shimla Airport is at place name as Jubbarhatti. It is 23 km away from Shimla City on the way to Tutu Bazaar. Tutu Bazaar is a small village type town where there is a small market for wooden products and daily need items. There are lovely surroundings of valleys in and around.

Coming back to the update of Flights from Delhi to Shimla, now days only Kingfisher Airlines runs between Delhi-Shimla sectors. Kingfisher Red Flight No IT-4353 departs from Delhi on 9.25 AM and arrives at Shimla at 10.25 AM. Same Flight No IT-4354 departs from Shimla on 10.50 AM and arrives at Delhi at 11.50 AM. Airport at Shimla This is a nonstop one hour flight which runs only on Mon, Wed and Fridays. Delhi to Shimla Air Fare is 5300.00 INR approx. No other flight is connected to Shimla Airport.

Shimla Airport goes almost vacant after Shimla to Delhi flight takes off. There are only few security personal left after that. Runway is surrounded by valley from 3 side and Airport office by one side. There is a water tank above uphill airport from where visitors can take photographs and enjoy the sunset. Enjoy some of the photographs of Shimla Airport taken from there.

Shimla Airport Jubbarhatti


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