Delhi to Shimla by Air

By | December 20, 2011


Delhi to Shimla by Air: Airport at Shimla is at Jubbar-Hatti which is 23 km away. By Air Shimla is connected to Delhi, Kullu and Chandigarh. Shimla Airport has only 1 runway of 4035 feet (1230 metres) long which is considerably a smaller one. Shimla Airport is 5072 feet (1546 metres) above sea level.

Flights from Delhi to Shimla usually remained suspended due to poor weather conditions, poor ground visibility due to fog, torrential rains and moreover lower cloud formations in Shimla. Shimla Airport is also one of the riskiest airports of the world because it is a small mountain top airport having low in-ground facilities and bad weather most of the time through out the year.
Delhi to Shimla by Air
However, the ATC (Air Traffic Controller) Shimla can be contacted at:
Airports Authority of India
Shimla Airport
Shimla (HP)
Tel: +91-177-2736835, +91-177-2736956
Fax: 91-177-2736681

Delhi to Shimla Flight Schedule: Kingfisher Airlines and Jagson Airlines operate the regular commercial air service to the Shimla on alternate days.

Kingfisher Red Flight No IT-4353 departs from Delhi on 9.25 AM and arrives at Shimla at 10.25 AM. This is a non stop 1 hour flight which runs on Mon, Wed and Fridays. Delhi to Shimla Air Fare is 5300.00 INR approx.

Jagson Airlines Flight No JA221 departs from Delhi on 8.40 AM and arrives at Shimla at 9.40 AM. This is a non stop 1 hour flight which runs on Tue, Thu and Saturdays.

Jagson Airlines Flight No JA222 departs from Kullu on 10.50 AM and arrives at Shimla at 11.20 AM. This is a non stop half an hour flight which runs on Tue, Thu and Saturdays.

Hotels near Shimla Airport: Usually tourists who have connecting flight from the place or having a shorter stay looks for the hotels near and around the Airport. These way tourists are connected closely to the Airport and once their work is over, they can directly board a flight without hassle. But Shimla has not much connecting flights, and hence there are not many options for the hotels around it. Hotel Oberoi Cecil Shimla is one near to Airport. It is provided with all the 5 star amenities and comfort for the guests.

Shimla is the capital city of state Himachal Pradesh and is a chilling hill resort. Temperature goes down to below freezing point in winters and heavy woollen requires. It was once the summer resort of the British’s in India and was named Simla by them.

Shimla town is a beautiful tourist attraction for both local and forgein visitors. The Mall and the Ridge are main attractions of the town. Shimla city is surrounded by deep pine, deodar, oak and rhododendron forests. Today, Shimla is one of the well developed towns that have easy accessibility and various attractions which make it one of Indian’s most popular and famous tourist destinations.

The biggest problem of Shimla is parking facility. If you’re going Shimla by your own car; you’ll face a hell of problem for parking. It has a major parking space at The Lift but it is already occupied by local Taxi Union of Shimla. There are more parking spaces available at Shimla High Court, Main Bus Stand and Railway Station Godown but in high season time, you’ll only get space at MC Parking which is 100 meters away from The Lift and have a parking space of 400 cars.

Many movies have also been shot here. Latest one is blockbuster 3 Idiots of Aamir Khan. The Mall Road at Shimla is a big street which has all the smaller markets opening up in the Mall and then it itself is a cornucopia of shops dealing in handicrafts and many restaurants are also present in the Mall to cater to the needs of the tourists. Then, Kufri is another tourist destination, which is famous for its hiking and trekking trails.

Towards the north lie the snow-covered high-ranges, while the valleys breathe whispering streams and swaying fields. Within the town are host of splendid colonial edifices, quaint cottages and charming walks. Shimla offers a variety of shopping, adventure sport like skiing and numerous entertainment activities.


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