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By | March 15, 2012


Kasauli, also known as the Lesser Shimla, is on the way from Kalka to Shimla. It is also being the first hill station, when heading towards Delhi to Shimla. This is a cantonment area that was established during the British rule and recognized as a hill station. Located about 77kms from Shimla, it is easy to recognize this place, owing to the huge TV tower here. It is about 260 km from Delhi to Kasauli whereas Kalka to Kasauli is only 17 km.

The roads that lead to Kasauli and the bungalows herein are all old-fashioned, with gardens that are equally old. Anyone visiting this hill station will have a pleasant retreat, into the past. Being a hill station, the plantation varies from pine forest, to horse-chestnut. This is a favorite retreat for retired army personnel and others who have always been here. With picturesque beauty, pleasant climate and the calm atmosphere, it is considered as a place one must visit to relax and rejuvenate.

Yet another thing that Kasauli is known for is its climate. Though it is pleasant all through the year, summer is when one can see sun shine, followed by mild
winter that’s marked with snowfall, every now and then. This is then followed by winter, when the temperature drops close to freezing point, with monsoons being marked with intermittent showers and mist. Even in summer, woolen clothes are required, though winter calls for nicely woven thick woolens.

Delhi to Kasauli journey can be done by Air, Road or Rails. While it takes an hour or more by flight, when traveling by train, the journey from Delhi to Kasauli can be around seven hours. Not many prefer to take the rail route to Kasauli, since Kalka is where the broad gauge track ends. Beyond Kalka, it is about 55kms to reach Kasauli and it is though narrow gauge track, a reason why many don’t prefer this. However, for those who prefer this mode of transport, Dharampur is the closest station and from here, it takes another 30 minutes to reach Kasauli. Nearest airport to this hill station is Chandigarh. Chandigarh to Kasauli is 65 km merely whereas Kasauli to Shimla is another 77 km and Delhi to Shimla is 375 km.

In Kasauli, most take to the roads by foot. Other forms of transportation are not entertained here, to preserve the serene and healthy atmosphere here. Upper and Lower malls are one place everyone must visit. While the lower mall can be steep, the upper mall isn’t. Monkey Point is the highest point in Kasauli and only about ½ km from the city. Other places of interest include an old church, Central Research Institute, TV Tower, Pasteur Institute, Lawrence school and Baptist Church. Timber Trail in Shivalik Range is another must see, when here. The cable car ride is one thing many tourists love to undertake here.

For the current lifestyle, a retreat that’s close to nature can be eye opening, leave alone rejuvenating. It is one of the best places to be, with an inviting and cool climate, breathtaking sceneries, pollution free air and what not. It can be invigorating to walk around this hill station and with a few days to spare, though not many places to visit, the serene atmosphere is the highlight here. Check out the photos and video below from Delhi to Kasauli Tour and pamper yourself for a must visit to Kasauli.

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