Collapsing of Bridge in Shimla Himachal

By | March 2, 2012


20,000 villagers were cut off in tehsil Rampur of district Shimla in Himachal Pradesh State of India. This was because of the bridge which collapsed in Village Seri. Five Panchayats named Devthi, Munish, Khashapath and Kul got affected by this bridge collapse. It has effected 9 villages which are in the interiors of district Shimla and connected to other parts by a single road. With collapse of bridge on this road these villages are isolated from other parts of Shimla. This bridge collapsed because of the snow melting in the area.

This situation of break-in is assumed to continue for next 2 months until this bridge is rebuilt. This was a result of heavy Snowfall in Shimla which took place few days back. Now this snow has started melting and this drooping of snow masonry mass the bridge. SDM of Rampur is consoling people and told that they are trying to build the bridge as fast as they can so the village do not suffer much.

bridge collapse Rampur Himachal

It’s a big problem for students as they have to cover an extra distance of 12 to 15 kilometers for their schools and institutes. The exams are near and this extra journey is a problem for students. They are feeling stressed because their strain is doubled, one is the pressure of exams and now this new tension of reaching exam centre on time. They have to leaves home early morning to reach the examination centre at time to appear in exam. There is no short cut so there is a great loss to the people over there as this bridge was the only way to cross this river.

bridge collapse Himachal

Panchayats and residents of these villages are requesting government to attend this situation as a crises and employ extra labor to make this bride as early as possible. This place is a backward region so medical facilities are also not much available and now with this Collapsing of bridge sick people, will have to suffer a lot. There can be a shortage of food supply too in coming days as the place is complete broken off from the District.


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