Christmas and New Year Celebration in Shimla

By | December 11, 2012


Shimla, the capital of the Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful places of the world. The place gets even more beautiful in the winter. The city is located in the northwestern part of the Great Himalayan mountain range. The average altitude of the city is about 7,866 feet above the sea level. So it is natural that a city at such a high altitude can expect snowfalls during the winter.

The last time the city experience snowfall during the Christmas was in the year 1991. So many people are expecting a snowfall this time round. White or not, each and every corner of Shimla are decorated beautifully for the two occasions. The churches located at various corners of the city wear a festive look and observed huge crowds. On the night of 25th December carols are sung in English, Hindi or in local dialects to honor Jesus Christ. The carols sung at Christ Church on Ridge are very popular.

Christmas and New Year Celebration in Shimla

Many tourists all-round the India and also outside India prefer to visit Shimla during this phase of the year. According to them, this is the most excellent and peak time to enjoy their holidays in the city of Shimla. The key reason is the frosty winter season. That is why often the phase between Christmas and New Year is referred as the ‘Tourist Season’ of Shimla. Shimla is one of the few cities in India where an individual can witness snowfall during the winter. It is the dream of many people of India to watch the snowfall and that is why many people from central and lower India rush to Shimla during this period of time.

Christmas and New Year Party in Shimla

Generally, the tradition of celebrating the festival is by baking cakes at home but recently instead of doing that people are found to have a banquet with their friends and families. From the local bakery shops it has also been learned that the sale of cakes pick up its pace from the Christmas Eve and continues till the arrival of the New Year. Christmas goodies are also in high demand and are sold in huge quantities. On the Christmas Eve the local people of the city and also the tourists are found to gather near the sacred church in the Ridges and offer their prayers to Lord Jesus.

The festival of Christmas is not restricted to a section of people. People from dissimilar belief celebrate it with much eagerness and young people and kids have a huge attraction and craze for Santa caps and other stuff given away by Santa Clause. Hospitality segment are found to arrange various programs on the event. Various hotels and nightclubs held an exceptional Christmas bash, live musical programs and organized wonderful delicacies for visitors. Ridge and Mall as well observe huge church crowds and tourists wearing red Santa caps and dresses stand in line to visit the Christ church.

The night of 31st December that is the Eve before the New Year is celebrated with a blast. An enormous gathering on the Mall Road and Ridge can be seen. The people down there are found enjoying themselves. Heavy discounts are also offered by branded outlet, restaurants and different other stores on the purchase of merchandise for the tourists. In fact an individual who is a part of New Year Eve in Shimla overall has a spectacular experience.

Not only Shimla, people from all parts of the nation arrive to other parts of Himachal Pradesh to be a part of Christmas and New Year Parties. Cities like Manali, Kasauli, Dharamsala, Palampur, Chali and many other cities are ideal for organizing a New Year Bash. The majority of the Hotels and Resorts in those places are used to organize Gala parties to rejoice New Year Eve. People celebrate with fireworks, drinks and champagne, dancing and beacon. New Year celebration is one of the major events celebrated over the year.

New Year Packages Shimla

During this time of the year generally hotels are inundated with bookings and reservations. Many eye-catching facilities for the tourists are offered during this season by these hotels. Exceptional revelry, parties is organized particularly for the tourists. Though hotels may appear expensive throughout winter season but the satisfaction that an individual obtain from their services is worth admiration.

Thus Shimla is a perfect place where an individual wish to celebrate these two great events with immense zeal and thrill.


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