Camping in Narkanda

By | February 21, 2012


Camping in Narkanda is enjoyable at countryside camping ground which is especially made for camping.

All Day Camping – Day Camps in Narkanda is always an added advantage to this place. Camping in lush green ground in the hills that is surrounded by dense forest give you an extreme satisfaction. This camping ground is at affordable distance from the town.

Camping at Lakeside and Apple Orchards – Camping at lakes like “Tani Jubbar Lake” is an experience of lifetime. Clear water of this lake will rejuvenate you and this trip. This lake camp is surrounded by deodar and Camping in Night pine trees from one end and an exotic temple at the other. Camp at the Apple Orchard make you feel like heavenly experience loaded with fruits and you’ll come to know about hill culture of India.

Camping Overnight – Camp in the beautiful fresh air, green meadows, blue skies and wide open valleys with clouds and sky lights. Feel observed on top of the world, thousands of stars, hot coffee or wine at the campfire will make your night camping beautiful and memorable.

School camping – Camp sites around Narkanda offers idyllic locations for school camping. In beautiful natural settings, many activities can be made, such as trekking, climbing, zumaring, river crossing, a bridge inBurmaand treasure hunts. The nights are warm and alive around a campfire and lots of food and tents are of norm standard

ATV Riding at Hatu Trail – Hatu amount of 10,500 feet is a stimulus beautiful ornate temple of the goddess Kali and offers majestic views and an intimate knowledge of the greatHimalayas. The path winds its way slowly up to 5 km from the town to Hatu Peak that is covered by a thick blanket of snow until mid of May. Hatu top offers beautiful scenery and majesticHimalayasand the surrounding hill villages.

Village and Orchard Trail – village named as “Thanedar” is well known as “land of the Indian apple”. A walk to this village will let you know about hill culture and tradition. Apple Orchards and wooden houses is main aura of here.

Pony Rides to Hatu Peak – Hatu hill 10,500 feet is a lawn with a profusion of wild flowers and provides a great view of the valleys and villages. The road winds along with a gradual climb through the dense forests of pine, fir and chestnut deodars rhododendrons. The meadow here adds extra sparkle in this place. If you are seeing a windfall, a nomadic herdsmen with a thousand sheep, are bright, left and returned with fresh goat’s milk!

Joy Rides – Cross the hills and feel the flow of clean air to clean the lungs and give them life. Around the village or a quiet stroll through the woods, is reassuring. Check out some of the pictures taken there!


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